Mining Eveready

Eveready expert mining solutions

Eveready Group are mining experts with almost two decades of experience in meeting the unique needs of clients across the mining sector..

We appreciate that every project comes with its unique challenges and we can tailor planning and management to ensure the highest level of expertise, efficiency and quality control on all projects - while never compromising our principle for safety.

​Decades of professional experience has equipped us to design, manage and maintain a customised plan of action, while being adaptable as scope and requirements change.


​Experience allows us to work with clients large and small, tailoring solutions to client needs using our to tailor the solutions to their needs.


​Eveready has a proven model for success focused on the critical elements of every project COST, SAFETY, PRIORITY, DURATION, RESOURCES,  CRITICAL PATH & ENVIRONMENT. Following this plan we tailor all projects to ensure optimum outcome