Safer Technology

Technologies to make business safer

Eveready Technologies is an authorised installer of Seeing Machines allowing us to offer customers access to the latest in driver safety technologies.

Eveready Technologies have worked with The Michael Carter Group for many years to access the most cutting edge technologies in an industry which has constantly pushed the boundaries to ensure safe and effective working environments. 

Recently Eveready has grown their companies capacity to assist clients by becoming authorised and able to install industry leading technology that allows real-time driver safety monitoring.

The new Seeing Machines technology, brought to you by Connect Source and The Michael Hill Group, provides monitoring and intervention to ensure a safer driving and operating environment.

Seeing Machines technology is an in-vehicle driver-facing sensor which offers real-time monitoring and intervention against micro-sleeps and distractions. It is a proven cutting-edge array of sensory equipment and data-analysis technology which has already been utilised in protecting drivers and monitoring vehicle operators across more than 2.5 billion kilometres.

The technology, which is being utilised in automotive, off-road, fleet, rail and aviation industries globally provides real-time, industry leading Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) utilising the developers extensive background in developing and refining its computer vision algorithms, optics and processing technologies as part of the companies long history as an innovator in AI and evolving intelligent machines.

For more details on Seeing Machines and to speak with our professional installation team contact us today. Or click on the video for more information.